Post Officers

Post Officers

Commander: Denny Neibaur

Sr. Vice Cmdr: Chris Volmer

Jr. Vice Cmdr: Bill Heyob

Quartermaster: Sid Mooney

Chaplin: Bill Roscoe

Adjutant: Garrett Newman

Judge Advocate: JD Bottger

Surgeon: Joe Mastalski

Service Officer: Bill Heyob

Sgt. Of Arms: Al Larson

3rd Year Trustee: Rich Schuler

2nd Year Trustee: OJ Nabonne

1st Year Trustee: Vonnie Larsen

Post Home Committee: Jim Mariman

Joe Mastalski

Bill Lackey

Auxilary Officers

President: Tammie Hauger

Sr. Vice Pres: Kimmi Boles

Jr. Vice Pres: Lisa Newman

Treasurer: Christine Mariman

Chaplain: Kirsten Allen

Secretary: Susan Moore

Guard: Peggy Birkinbine

Conductress: Melissa Suekel

3rd Year Trustee: Karrie Pankowski

2nd Year Trustee: Donna Larson

1st Year Trustee: Sue Worcester


Post Chaplains


Bill Roscoe, Post Chaplain, 208-841-5078

Kirsten Allen, Auxiliary Chaplain, 208-321-8055

If you know of someone who is ill, in the hospital/rehab or has lost a love one, please contact one of our Chaplains at the number above or call the Post at 208-424-8387